Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Flower Tower Variations

I just found out that I can post to my blog from my flickr account. Hopefully this means I will update this blog more...

Anyway, I have recently made twenty-some variations on Chris Palmer's Flower Tower. This is one of them, and you can see the rest on my photostream if you like (

I started doing these right after I found out about the decreeping technique from a description of the process that Tom Hull had written ( Working from there, I modified the model by pursing the center in different ways, and then generalized the structure to a non-logarithmic form, which you see here in this picture. I also used some elias stretches and shaping folds to finish it off.

Anyway, I'm starting work on a big post about logarithmic tessellations (like this one), and I should post it in the next month or so.

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